The Check-Up Departments at Medichiron Division Solution Partners provide the opportunity for the early diagnosis of many diseases, including different types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other complications. Through time-sensitive treatments, we intent to provide a healthy life with no change toy our standard of living.

The monitoring of general health, commonly known as a “Check –Up”, is a screening method required for healthy individuals in every age group, and should be performed periodically whether the individual has complaints or a disorder or not.

The Check-Up Department at Medichiron Division Solution Partners provide services for preventive medicine and early diagnosis. Many diseases, particularly various types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other complications, can be treated with early diagnosis and preventive medicine or managed in a controlled manner.

At the check up Departments of Medichiron Division Solution Partners’ specialist physicians evaluate personal characteristics, genetic factors, and enviromental factors in addition to standard Check – Up programs. Patients are provided with health screening programs and are recommended to implement them. If any disease-causing symptoms are observed, patients are encouraged to take the necessary steps for required examinations. During the Check-Up process our consultants accompany you in the relevant departments.

Being healthy is the most important key for living a rewarding and productive life. We should take every opportunity to improve our own health and the health of our loved ones. World Health Organization statistics indicate that chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer are the leading causes of death. Many of these deaths will occur prematurely, affecting families and communities.

Chronic diseases are largely preventable and easily to managed when detected at an early phase. A well-designed checkup program is a vital investment in the way of prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

The checkup programs offered by our hospital are comprehensive and aimed for screening vital organs and most common diseases. The results of the program will also provide a personal medical database for future reference.